Welcome to IS Company!

We are the leading firm in integrating solutions in human capital management, tax consultancy and organizational logistics; all within a comprehensive strategy in order to achieve your business’s orderly growth, making it more competitive, achieving its set goals and purposes.

Human Capital Management

We understand the importance of your staff! Our human capital management services will allow you to improve in their selection, in order to have a better control and follow up on processes and your staff’s needs.


  • Staff Management
    • Social Welfare grants Management
    • Wage estimate
    • Payroll dispersion
    • Human talent attraction
  • Legal defense in labor issues
  • Administrative and fiscal consultancy
  • Job Offers

Payroll management
Our customers rely on a service of payroll processing profesionals, supporting them in determining the gross and net amount to pay each employee in each period.


  • Collect and record occurrences
  • Payroll report generation
  • Payroll dispersion by employee in good time and appropriate manner
  • Tax calculation
    • IMSS
    • Infonavit
    • ISN
  • Stamped payroll receipts

Our customers are happy and peaceful because they rely on a preventive service in the management of their human capital which provides great benefits:

  • Deal with more productive and profitable tasks to their Core Business.
  • Expense reduction and resource optimization.
    • We eliminate the risk of unnecessary payment for fines and surcharges
    • We optimize processes, avoiding calculation mistakes
    • We reduce the tax payment through accounting strategies
  • Specialized follow up on employees.
  • Specific information about employee occurrences and absences.
  • Consultancy and prevention in labor matters and social welfare
  • Employees improve their current situation with government and banking institutions, through our consultancy.

Attraction of Talent

Our staff is trained and updated in the best recruitment techniques in order to detect the most qualified and experienced profiles which will provide excelent results and reduce turnover in your company.

Leaving attraction of talent to us, will allow your team to focus on the improvement of processes that add value to your business.

  • Analysis and Job Profiling
  • Job offers: Training
  • Preliminary and In-depth Interview
  • Psychometric tests
  • Personal and Employment references
  • Socio-economic study
  • Training
  • Mass recruitment
  • Innovation projects to prevent factors which affect staff turnover

Labor Consultancy

We advise our customer to avoid labor related issues within the company, guiding them in the proper performance of their inherent obligations for a labor-management relation.

  • Contract creation
  • Correct integration of each employee’s file.
  • Proper necessary format control during labor relations.
  • Support to calculate severance and settlements.
  • If necessary, manage layoffs before the Labor Board.

Tax Consultancy

We help you conduct an effective plan in order to promote your business’s growth through purchases and investments, with better administration and control over your taxes.

  • Tax planning
  • Accounting audit

Accounting and Finance

Our accounting service is comprehensive so you should not need to worry about anything but doing business.

  • Internal review
  • External accounting performance
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Implementation of verdicts
  • Reporting and payment of taxes
  • Investment consultancy


AMIB certificate

Organizational Development

A proper work environment results in higher productivity in every business. Do you know how your company is currently doing?

  • Business Assessment
  • Business Re-engineering
  • Course, training and workshops
  • Customer service course
  • Quality System internal audits
  • Development and implementation of a quality assurance system
  • Business Coaching
  • Job analysis


We support you to search for credits and funding which will add a financial value to your business.

  • Determination of credit and funding
  • Search for government support